The Liability Of Bartenders

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A night out on the town sounds like fun to keep from a boring weekend, or is a great way to wind down from a long and stressful week. Whatever may be the reason, going out is always a fun time. Planning ahead should always be a number one priority when alcohol will be present, especially if driving will be involved. Driving under the influence is a serious crime, and should not be taken lightly. Unfortunately, DUI accidents still does happen quite often. As an adult, this is one of the many responsibilities to consider when deciding to drive after having a few alcohol drinks. Unfortunately, if these drinks were purchased and consumed at bar or restaurant that serves alcohol, the bartenders may be liable to any accidents that may occur after…show more content…
However, there are many factors that can make this a very difficult decision to determine. A bartender cannot know if a customer has not eaten or their alcohol tolerance level, or if they came from another alcohol vendor (Mukner, 2013). Without the knowledge of this information, the liability should not be held against the bartender. A bartender cannot interrogate each of their patrons asking, how much they drank before entering? how long ago have you eaten? how much do you weigh? To try and figure out when to stop serving their patron. This in itself is not good customer service. Bartenders however, are required to follow current rules and guidelines, such as how much alcohol to serve a patron per hour, depending on what they eat while in the establishment, depending on the patron’s size, age, gender. However, what happens when the patron has already “pre-game it” before arriving, or has already came from another bar. Also, how does the bartender know if the patron is even driving after. All of these different factors make it very difficult to determine if a bartender really knows if a patron is…show more content…
A Bartender cannot remember each patron and as well keep count of every single drink that every single patron has drank. Its understandable if it was a regular, however a bartender sees hundreds of faces all day, it should not be their job to remember every single one. Also, who is to say that the drinks a patron is buying is for them only. It is quite common for a friend or someone else to buy drinks for another. When this happens, there is a drink unaccounted for because the bartender does not know who the patron bought it for. Another unaccounted drinks is if a patron buy drinks from different bartenders throughout the night. With all these different factors that can provide a challenge to keep track of every patron’s alcohol consumption, why should the bartenders be liable for the irresponsibly act from the patron.
Going out to have a good time is a privilege and if alcohol is going to be part of the night, responsible decision should be made prior to a patron’s first drink. Bartending is a job that serves to adult. This is a service that has many different factors that can determining if a customer has drank too much, a bartender should not be liable for over serving to
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