Autobiography Of A Family : My Life Of My Family

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Born January 12, 2000 in San Antonio and raised I lived with my grandparents while my mom was somewhere else I honestly don’t know where but she would visit sometimes. I never knew my biological father and I never cared to know. Me being the second oldest with my two brothers we’d always play on the nintendo 64 also living with my grandparents was my cousin timmy whose mom was an alcoholic and dad in jail. Living with them and going to windcrest elementary school until 2007 I then moved to royal ridge with my mom and her boyfriend only ten minutes away from my grandparents. My mom was pregnant with my sister ravin she was born the day before christmas eve and when she came home I was attached to her always read to her and all one year later in may my sister was born. In 2009 my cousin Timmys dad was released from jail and from there on he was my father figure i wanted to be exactly like him i liked all of his tattoos he had and the vibe he gave off. He always told me I was mean when I was little, I would growl and give a mean look to everyone but him there was never a dull moment with him. He always lit up the room when we would have a family get together and one day we built a treehouse it really wasn’t a treehouse it was just a wooden pallet and some two by fours but I had so much fun doing it with him. His son was nothing but trouble even before he got out of jail; me being me I would always go help my grandparents with whatever they needed done but my cousin he

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