The Life Of Alexander The Great

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The Life of Alexander the Great
There are many great conquers in the history of this world. Augustus Caesar, Atilla the Hun, Charlemagne, to name a few. But none of these quite measure up to Alexander III of Macedonia. Or, his more common title: Alexander the Great. He conquered much of Asia and the Persian Empire, and left a legacy that will not be forgotten.
Alexander III was born in Pella, capitol of Macedonia, on July 20th 356 BC to Olympus, Princess of Epirus, and Philip II, King of Macedonia. He was a well-educated young boy, and his tutor was none other than the famous scholar Aristotle. He studied until 340 BC, when he began to work with his father, Philip II, on several military attacks. Alexander worked with his father up until the royal family of Macedonia split in 337 BC. This feud started when Philip II married a Macedonian woman named Cleopatra. After the wedding, at the feast, Cleopatra’s uncle commented about the need for Philip to have a ‘legitimate heir’; one that had pure Macedonian bloodlines. Hearing this remark, Alexander stood and threw his goblet at the man. As he did this, his father drew his sword and attacked his son, who then fled the country with his mother. A year later, Philip II was assassinated by a Macedonian noble, right as he had begun his plans to invade Persia. Why he was killed is still a mystery today, though it is possible that Alexander and his mother were partially responsible. With Philip of Macedonia dead, his plans of…
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