The Life Of Life And Life : Books And Film Nights From Hollywood 's Golden Era

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books for bookworms suffering from macular degeneration, hearing devices for the classic Hollywood movie fan encountering hearing loss, and personal mobile devices for the nature lover who no longer can walk distances (Recreation, n.d.).
As aging progresses, a more specialized and tailored approach is needed. This is where the services of live-in independent and assisted living facilities have taken a proactive approach to not just helping residents remain active, but also engrossed in the culture they lived long before. This benefits the patient significantly by boosting moral, and subsequently, improving all aspects of a patient’s life. Many facilities are even employing full-time activity directors to facilitate and schedule a wide …show more content…

Programs are custom tailored for residents with all sorts of medical limitations. Those with severe vision problems are exposed to and touch real animals, such as rabbits and my ball python, Flo. Severe dementia patients are exposed to natural smells that are used to evoke memories that have been long forgotten. This works because smell is one of the strongest memory alerting senses. Residents who grew up on farms and rural areas spend their time planting special gardens with produce and flowers popular when they were younger. More physically abled residents participate in landscaping projects that continue to add therapeutic benefits for all to enjoy once completed. In addition, natural and modern recycling techniques are taught to give a sense of purpose and contribution back to the world; important at an age where most are highly dependent on others. All these programs together bring the participates closer to the natural world, themselves and their culture, as well as providing calm and as a deterrent against depression (Watterson, 2017).
Turning 65 is supposed to be a major milestone in people’s lives. It means that retirement is finally here and relaxation and enjoyment of life will become daily routine. Unfortunately, becoming a senior citizen typically introduces a myriad of problems and achieving the American dream of a comfortable retirement is becoming increasingly rare. First, the biggest reality

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