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SLP Essay 500 words It was exactly as Mr. Stewart said. “What they crave is interaction.” It is simple, but our experience with the Rouseau Foundation's Senior Well-Being Assurance project helped demonstrate how important interaction is to the elderly and taught us important lesson about life in assisted living along the way. The Rouseau Foundation works to help foster development and well-being for the homeless and the youth, in addition to the elderly. Their Senior Well-Bring Assurance program seeks to not only help bring joy to the lives of the elderly but also provides an opportunity for younger generations to interact and learn from them. We organized and participated in games and activities such as word scrambles, exercises and cards. We assisted with food service and ambulation. Maybe most importantly, we spent plenty of time talking and getting to know the seniors. In one case, two to three hours were spent just getting people's opinions on life at Stratford Court and answering whatever they wanted to know about life as a medical student. Not only did we come to learn about them as people, but we also came to a better understanding of what it meant to live in places like the Veranda Club and Stratford Court. In addition to our activities in these two assisted living facilities (ALFs), we also collaborated outside the institutions to create an …show more content…

We are hope to talk to Dr. Ouslander to both improve the product and, ideally, find a way to incorporate our efforts into the geriatrics curriculum at FAU. Mr. Stewart and the Rouseau foundation have also kindly offered to sponsor graphic design work improve the presentation of the pamphlet and potentially distribute it to physician practices. Ultimately, we hope to have completed a project that does not simply fulfill a core curriculum requirement, but also has a lasting

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