The Life Of The Beach

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NOT for nothing did the Beach Boys produce all that wonderful music in the 1960s. If you have ever visited California, you will realise pretty quickly that the state in which they grew up was what inspired those great sounds. It is the state of the beautiful people. Everybody seems to be laidback about life and yet most Californians are obsessed with exercise, keeping fit and keeping their looks for as long as possible (whether it be through botox or going under the knife). Everybody, it seems, goes out for a run. And yet, they will climb into a car to go to a shopping mall 100 yards down the road. The climate is wonderful, and if you are able to get behind the wheel of a convertible and drive along the Pacific Coast Highway with Barbara Ann, I Can Hear Music, Sloop John B or Surfin ' Safari blaring and the stunning views of the ocean at hand then you will be able to die happy. It was on my bucket list and I have done it. There is nothing to beat it. I have also played golf in California and I 've got to tell you that it is something you have to experience. There is very little rain in this part of the world but it is the greenest state in America, with everybody who lives there into recycling and conserving water and energy. To keep their greens and fairways in perfect condition, most of the golf courses use either reconstituted water or water that has gone through a desalienation plant. And they do a great job, too. Course architects also use a resilient blend of

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