The Life of Aemelia Lanyer

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It was said that she was the best poet of her time and during her career. Aemelia Lanyer sought out to prove just that. Aemelia was a strong minded woman who stood for equality. She stressed her need for woman to be heard. Using her work for the women of many generations, she proved that they were just as important to society as men. Aemelia inspired women to play their roles in society. She was an inspiration to some, an alter ego to others, and a hero to many. She was strong, bold, and outspoken when it came to her personal opinions. Aemelia Lanyer, also known as Emilia Bassano birthdate is not certain, but sources say that she was baptized on January 27, 1569 in London. She was born into a big family of Jews. Her parents were Baptist Bassano, who was a court musician, and Margaret Johnson. Margaret was his common law wife which means they were only married in their eyes. At the age of 7, her father died. After his death, she started to get royal access to Elizabethan court circles. She spent some of her early years in the household of Susan Bertie, Countess of Kent. Another tragic death happen when Aemilia became eighteen. After her mother died, she began spiraling out of control. While Aemilia was in the Elizabethan court circles, she met Henry Carey, first Lord Hunsdon, Queen Elizabeth's lord chamberlain. Though forty-five years her senior, she became his mistress for several years. During her affair, she became married to Alphonso Lanyer, her first cousin,

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