The Life of Mother Teresa

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Outline I. Early Childhood A. Family B. Becoming Mother Teresa II. Adulthood A. Her calling to a religious life B. Her service and career III. Elderly life A. Awards and achievements B. Death and legacy The Life of Mother Teresa Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was born on August 26, 1910, in a small town called Skopje, Macedonia. In that time, this small town had a population of approximately 25,000 people. The political context in which Agnes was born was very harsh due to the Islamic rule under Turkish dominance. Only a minuscule portion of this population were Catholics. Her family was composed of an ambitious father, a "very holy" mother and two other siblings. Her family was actually not of…show more content…
2003). Then, Mother Teresa left the Loreto Convent and went to the city of Patna. In this place, she went in four months of medical training. She knew that learning the essentials of first aids and nursing would be practically a necessity for assisting the poor. After the four months of learning, she had acquired many useful skills (Ruth, A. 1999). After this, Mother Teresa went to Motijhil in order to help the poor. At first, people didn't want her to stay there but others supported her noble cause. People gave large donations to Mother Teresa and this way she managed to establish a school in Motijhil. This project consisted of teaching children in the mornings and attending patients after the classes she imparted. Residents began liking what Mother Teresa had done and they started sending their children to her. Due to this, attendance in school increased exceedingly and the word of love was spread. She established many schools and clinics that helped many people around India. Mother Teresa loved to help and she gave her all for the poor. She believed that everything she did for the poor was nothing in comparison to what poor people had to go through. This is one of the many reasons why she left all of her luxurious commodity behind. Although she felt this way, she was sometimes tempted by the Loreto's comfort, as she says in her
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