The Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Although being the youngest of ten children Samuel Taylor Coleridge has had many great achievements. His early life was normal. He had a ton of education from many schools and colleges. His accomplishments range from poems to movies. Although his death was fatal his work is still known today. He had a lot of education which lead to his many accomplishments throughout his life. On October 21, 1772 Reverend John Coleridge and Anne Bowden gave birth to the miraculous Samuel Taylor Coleridge. He was born in the village Ottery St Mary, Devonshire, England. He spent his childhood in England with the company of his 9 other sibling (Anne, John, William, James, William, Edward, George, Luke, Nancy, & Francis Coleridge). “Coleridge suggests that he "took no pleasure in boyish sports" but instead read "incessantly" and played by himself.” (Oxford, Blackwell 1997.) He grew up very close to his father; on the other hand, his relationship with his mother was very problematic. His father was John died in 1781 when Samuel was 8 years old. Growing up as the youngest he was tormented seldom by his brothers. One encounter with his brother Frank, enraged him to grab a knife in which he was about to stab him. Gladly, their mother walked in on the altercation. Samuel was frightened and to avoid punishment, he fled the scene and away from home. At the age of 8, after his father death he was sent to the boarding…
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