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“Explication” In the poem by Joy Harjo called “Eagle Poem,” Harjo talks about prayer and life and how they revolve around mother-nature. She suggests that while being one with nature, we feel we are in a place in which we haven’t imagined and the things in which we would love to do in that magnificent and calming place. After one reads the poem, he/she enjoys the lyrical type of it. This is because “Eagle Poem” sticks to one idea and extends it throughout the entire poem. For instance, it talks about prayer, nature, and animals from start to finish. In the first three lines of the poem, Harjo talks about opening oneself up to nature where you feel yourself. She does this by connecting the human body to the sky, earth, sun, and moon.…show more content…
Once one finishes the poem he/she feels the want to reread it to catch something possibly missed the first time around. Then, if one learns about who Joy Harjo is and where she is from, one will truly understand this poem. After learning that the author has a Native American and Canadian ancestry, things that were unclear became extremely visible. It was easy to relate to the idea of this poem due to religious reasons and ones faith in prayer. If one believes in prayer and nature bringing peace to oneself, then one can relate to this poem in a deeper manner. “Eagle Poem” has turned out to be more enjoyable and intriguing than expected. The style throughout the poem was well thought out by Harjo though she is writing about a very soft topic. Although she is speaking from her ancestry, she effectively presents strong points in a well organized manner. Though one might not find peacefulness in everyday life, there is always that one place for everyone, just not imagined quite yet. “Poet Biography” Throughout Harjos career, she has had many accomplishments not only as a poet, but as a person in general. She has had many hardships to overcome throughout her life, but those experiences are what have made her the poet she is today. Born on May 9, 1951 in Tulsa, Oklahoma Joy Harjo comes from two well known ancestries; Native American and Canadian (Joy). In her early years she was more involved with her painter family then her native
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