The Limitations Of Apple's Market Research Plan

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M2 & D2:
The limitations which Apple uses in their market research to the development of their marketing plan are imperative as it confirms the research is up-to-date and accurate/specific. This is because if the research is wrong then it would influence on the marketing plan which would not be successful and effective. Market research is when Apple collects and gathers data because it is valued to the business as it classifies the gap in the market and classifies the opportunity for the business in order to be successful.
Market research helps this business by determining whether it should enter into a new market or not. Market research also helps Apple by suggesting them on whether they should launch a new product/services and methods on how to promote the brand awareness in market so they can target large group of audiences. To conclude, market research also helps Apple to optimise their marketing campaign and to improve their customer services, and improve on the business to meet customer’s expectations. Marketing plan based on Apple is outlining their strategies and tactics. It would have a time-bound; it is focused on limited period of time and involves all the marketing details, research, and plan. The purpose of this would be to help Apple to accomplish their objectives by guiding them with instructions and suggestions.
Limitations in market research is to make sure the data is applicable to the business (Apple); it is legal when Apple carries out their marketing

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