Marketing Plan For Apple Inc.

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According to Mintel (2014), “nearly half of today’s university students report they are financially comfortable, as they have money left at the end of the month for a few treats and to save.” What about the other half? The other half of the students either have not a lot left after the basics are taken care of or having difficulties with their financial situation. Students’ average monthly expenditure on their essentials is 65% of their monthly income (Mintel, 2014). In these few years, there has been a rise of national companies giving student discounts and offers for their products or services. For example, Apple Inc. offers student discounts for their gadgets.

Student Beans Ltd. is a website that features discount codes and special offers from United Kingdom’s top companies. In addition, it is only available for students. In 2005, James and Mike Eder in Birmingham set up Student Beans Ltd. The founders’ aim was to help students as hubs for discount offers, articles, jobs and others. From 2006 to 2008, Student Beans Ltd went across United Kingdom to reach millions of students (Student Beans, n.d.). Now, Student Beans Ltd. helps students with discounts for products from candles to city breaks in different countries. Since launched, Student Beans Ltd. has a number of competitors in the market. Groupon, UNiDAYS and Student Money Saver are of the main competitors of Student Beans Ltd.

Like other companies, Student Beans Ltd. has to know the position of the

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