The Limitations Of Male Prison Suicide

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The limitations in prior research inspired the current study which aimed to review research investigating patterns of self-inflicted deaths or suicide among early stage male prisoners and long term prisoners in England and Wales, as well as considering implications for interventions. Eleven English language peer-reviewed studies (2003–2015) met the inclusion criteria. The reviewed papers highlighted particular patterns or factors that are synonymous with suicide among the targeted population. Previous studies suggest that male prison suicide is largely a product of the restrictive prison regime, isolation, and psychiatric illnesses among other factors. Factors that were continuously associated with suicide in prisons among early stage and long term male prisoners highlighted by the current study included psychological factors and substance abuse as the most significant inflictions. Adjustment to prison regime, entrapment and poor social and family support complete the list of major contributory factors to male prison suicides. The only differences between the groups were the frequency of effect of particular factors on decisions to take one’s life. A large number of methodological concerns within these studies were also noted. These included the limitations posed by face to face interviews in some qualitative studies, in which participants could have been dissuaded from admitting that certain issues such as childhood sexual abuse were potential triggers to want to end their

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