The Limitations Of Science Education

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On another side, Science Education in Schools has many limitations that affect student’ learning. First of all, availability of laboratory and equipment. When school has a budget problem it can’t insure all material necessary to science learning, as we know in science each activity has a different type of material its depends on the topic. Sometimes we need a material in Chemistry, Physics or Biology to explain well an activity but the budget of the school can’t support it because it’s very expensive, especially if this material can be used only for one time. This create a big limitation that affect student learning because by 'practical work ' we mean tasks in which students observe or manipulate real objects or materials. It can…show more content…
Today, classroom management according to Akpakwu (2003) is the most neglected area in our secondary schools, and the success or failure of any teaching and learning process depends to a large extent on how classrooms are managed. Failure to effectively manage the classroom can have a negative overall impact on the school as a whole, especially in terms of strong academic performance of the school. Bad behavior is a barrier to learning and can easily threaten the health and well-being of teachers. In addition to other pressures that may occur, the result is a loss of teaching days, unfortunate teachers and failed students. Conversely, when the educator talks about classroom management, I think directly to the maintenance of discipline, control, motivating teaching methods, leadership styles, use of teaching materials and communication. Evertson and Weinstein (2006) define classroom management as "the actions teachers take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social-emotional learning" (pp. 4-5). So to manage a classroom, many recommendations are made. Teachers should put the rules of their class from the first session, they should always maintain discipline and respect in their classrooms, circulate during class to check all the students, maintain eye contact with the students, talk with a clear and audible voice, vary tone and pitch for emphasis and interest, they should introduce motive ideas to motivate learning like frequent
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