The Lincoln Electric Company

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The Lincoln Electric Company is one of the largest manufacturers of welding machines and electrons in the world today, with $1 billion in sales and 6000 workers worldwide. The company is also the pioneer in the development of the arc-welding industry and the originator of the innovative employee incentive system. “It was founded in 1895 by Engineer John C. Lincoln to manufacture an industrial motor of his own design. By 1909, it began to produce welding machines, and In 1914 James F.Lincoln his younger brother became the general manager, and actively promoted the welding industry, which expanded with the need to repair the navy vessels during the First World War”. Moley Raymond. (1962) The American century of John C. Lincoln. Retrieve from After the death of John, James his brother took over the company and established the employee advisory board where their representatives were elected from each department and they met twice a month for meetings, a practice that the company has continued until date. It was during James tenure that he influence the development of the incentive plan in which the employees were offered free paid vacations and free life insurance to motivate their employees. How to discern the aspects of their company’s culture. What is an Organizational Culture: It is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs that show people what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior. These values have a strong
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