The Little Rascals Case : State V. Robert Kelly And The Martinsville Trial

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According to USLegal (2016) an expert testimony is, “the testimony made by a qualified person about a scientific, technical, or professional issue”. An expert that is familiarized with the subject of matter is generally called to testify. In the instance of the Little Rascals Case: State V. Robert Kelly and The Martinsville Trial an expert witness in children suggestibility was called to testify known as, Maggie Bruck. Bruck (1998) wrote about her experiences in these trials and the pitfalls of performing the service that know one warns an expert witness about (Bruck, 1998, p.85). Throughout Brucks (1998) in depth article of the two cases she helped fit and not fit my perception of expert witness and providing expert testimony. Also, I found some surprising information in the article and had thoughts about whether I would consider providing expert testimony. I will further go on to discuss these aspects within this paper. The experience that Bruck (1998) shared about being an expert witness fit some of my perceptions about expert witness and providing an expert testimony. I expected that as an expert witness the side you were testifying for the direct examination would go fairly well. Bruck (1998) shared, “I felt that I had made the most important points without losing the jury’s attention” (p.91). Bruck (1998) had shared this in the article about her expert testimony in the Little Rascals Case: State V. Robert Kelly for the side that she was testifying for. From reading

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