The Lives of Afghani Women : Has it Always Been This Way? Essay

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The Lives of Afghani Women : Has it Always Been This Way?

A lot of attention has been drawn to the plight of women in Afghanistan. Many people understand what has been going on with the treatment of women in Afghanistan but very few understand. There should be more understanding of how women were treated before, during, and after the Taliban regime.
Afghanistan was a very different place before the Taliban came to power. Women had a different role in society. They enjoyed much more freedom and equality. They could go to colleges of their choice and pursue careers they wanted to have. In fact prior to the Taliban takeover of Kabul ( the capital of Afghanistan ), 60% of Kabul …show more content…

As countless Afghani’s were forced into the refugee lifestyle, women’s roles were diminished and the concept of veiling and the burqa made a gradual return, both as a means of protection and to lessen their roles (Noelle-Karimi).
In 1997, the Taliban regime came to power in Afghanistan. Their unorthodox policies and the strict enforcement of these forever changed Afghanistan. The Taliban forbid all forms of music, movies, parties, phones, audio and video equipment, electric razors, any form of entertainment including flying kites (Schulz). Also the Taliban had extensive restrictions placed on women. Women couldn’t appear in public, work, get an education, wear anything but a burqa, and have any rights before the law (Goodson). Also women were banned from public baths. In third world countries with almost no running water, public baths are essential to personal hygiene and health (Noelle-Karimi). The Taliban explained that they needed to enforce these policies against women in order to maintain unity among their forces and to prevent their forces from being distracted. Also that it was integral to their ideological world-view that was shaped in the politics of fear. Another explanation for the Taliban’s policies on women is maybe they just can’t implement more substantive policies (Goodson). Life for women under the Taliban was next to impossible. The burqas restricted movement, made

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