The Log Cabin Lincoln By Carl Sandburg Essay

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WEEK EIGHT- The Log Cabin Lincoln Between this week’s article by Carl Sandburg, “Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years” and the movie Young Mr. Lincoln, we got a chance to delve into Abraham Lincoln’s younger years as a boy growing up in Kentucky and a young lawyer starting his career in Illinois, respectively. As I read through the Sandburg article I noticed that the author focused a lot on young Lincoln’s humble roots, and I think this had a lot to do about the time in which it was written, 1926. At this point in time, America was nearing the end of the “Roaring Twenties” and by simplifying Lincoln I felt like Sandburg was trying to reiterate to people that life is not all about spending money, but instead it was more about the little, simple things that can have the greatest effect. Some examples that the author gives to describe young Lincoln’s simple way of life are “built of logs, with a dirt floor” and walking “four miles a day” just to go to school (Sandburg, p.447). Similar to the reading, the film we watched this week, Young Mr. Lincoln, corresponded with the theme of Lincoln’s humble nature. During the time in which the film was produced, the American people were attempting to recover from one of most tragic times in the history of the United States, the Great Depression. By illustrating in the film that Lincoln’s path to success was not always smooth, but yet he started from nothing and was still able to still get to the oval office, the film writer attempts to

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