The Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory

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The Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory was developed to provide the highest quality of professional forensic services to the State of Louisiana. The commitment of the agency includes applying sound scientific principles in all analyses, being responsive to our customers, conducting our operations in a fair and objective manner, and being a leader in advancing forensic science. The mission of the laboratory is to assist all of the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in Louisiana in the investigation of criminal activity (Office of Public Safety Services, 2015). The agency is also committed to providing accurate and timely scientific analysis of items of physical evidence and reporting the results of those analyses to appropriate entities in the criminal justice community.
As the program manager, I am accountable for public safety dollars that the crime lab spends. We also aim to implement cost-effective policies and programs directed toward improving the overall turnaround time it takes to complete forensic of DNA evidence. To ensure that all of the units’ goals and objectives are achieved through June 30, 2016, the department of public safety’s budget officer has asked each division chief to prepare requests for changes to the current year’s budget. As the program manager for the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab, I have been asked to prepare the request for 2016 and forecast revenue and control costs.
Cost containment is considered as the process which

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