The Love Of Love In Love And Marriage

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At times, I might be perceived to be inconsiderate to you, but please understand that I also will have my own uncertainties whereby I will question your actions. It will have nothing to do with me not truly loving you because in the end you will always be my girl.

No matter that we are far from each other. No matter if circumstances do keep us apart. You and I share this awesome bond that is filled with only love. And until the day that we can be in each other’s arms, you will always live in my heart.

With love in your soul. Hope in your heart. Belief in yourself. A person will never feel broken again.

Your breath taking smile even puts the brightness of the moon to shame. Your beautiful fragrance even makes a red rose look less symbolic.
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Who respected you? Who was Loyal to you? Who placed their Trust in you? Who truly Loved you and who never Gave Up on you?

Always remember that in love and marriage, one should truly make their experience with their partner unforgettable and everlasting with fond memories to last you a lifetime. Don’t inflict pain and misery thus continuously hurting them in such a manner whereby you totally break them to an extent that they can’t be that person whom they once were as caring, affectionate and loving. Love doesn’t make the world go around, but instead it draws you into a pair of very caring and embracing arms.

Take hold of my hand and whether life has happiness or sorrow to offer us, together we will face them and accept our fate and destiny. Because with you walking by my side, time and distance will also not matter, as long as it is you with whom I want to take every leap of my life with forever.

The most amazing feeling is finding and being with that special person whom you truly love and can’t see yourself being without for the rest of your life.

Always love and cherish your partner so that they will give you no reason to become sad, feel insecure and feel neglected whilst being a relationship with

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