My Love In My Life

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For the past 17 years of my life, I have been single, which allowed me to be happy and free. I knew I would find the one that would steal my heart and treat me like I deserve, so I had every right to be carefree. Then, in April of 2017, I met a boy through mutual friends and we clicked, instantly. My whole world changed for the better and I was on cloud nine every time we talked, touched, and even when we looked at each other. It moved pretty quickly, but it felt right to do so. Then, on May 7, 2017, we made it official… we were dating. It was a blast up until he left to go council at church camp on June 5 because he would be gone the entire week and come home on Saturday afternoons and leave Sunday evenings. I was devastated when he left because he was no longer with me physically, but the thing he kept telling me was, “I am in your heart, so I am always with you.” This, along with the brief morning and good night conversations, is what helped me made me make it through the week until Saturday came. We were happy and made the most out of the little time that we got to spend together. Then, on July 6, I went to Costa Rica and instead of being a counselor, he was a camper. While I was in Costa Rica, I had little to no internet connection and since he was a camper, he was not allowed to have his phone at all. Given this, we did not talk at all that week. I came home late on the fourteenth of July and when I saw him the next day, I knew in my heart something was different. He

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