Essay on The Love Story of the Underworld God: Pluto

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Our story takes place a long time ago, where gods and humans lived together in the world. Gods and humans did not, however, mix together much, but when they did, more often than not, it was because of love. Pluto, one the three sons of the king of the gods, Saturn, knew nothing about love and frankly could not care less about it. His main concern was to be the best possible warrior out of all the gods, winning as many prizes as possible. He had just acquired a golden chariot drawn by four black stallions from his brother Neptune.
One day, he was riding this very chariot in the sky, when he heard the cries of a young maiden, who was being chased by a three headed dog in the forest. While he didn’t like to get involved with humans, …show more content…

He flew to Venus and told her about the insult. She became enraged that any man would dare compare a mere mortal to her, and in her fury turned Ariana into Medusa, a monstrously ugly beast, who had snakes in her hear and whenever someone looked at her, turned into stone at the sight of her.
Ariana, in her despair, called to Pluto. When Pluto heard her cries, he tried to go to her but Jupiter stopped him. “Little brother, you better leave her be. There’s nothing that you can do to help. She had angered Venus and you know very well that no one can change the mind of a scorned goddess!”
“Let go off me! I will go to her! You can’t stop me!”
“Yes, I can and I will. If you go to see her, she will kill you. That is the curse of her beauty; she cannot look upon any man unless she kills them. If you truly love her, you will not cause her any more pain by going there and letting her kill you!”
At this, Pluto attacked Jupiter. The two battled for days, the earth shook and lighting pierced the sky. Mortals trembled and cried to the gods to save them, but no cry was more painful than the cries of Ariana. However, after seven days, Ariana stopped crying, and as her cries died, so did the lightening and the shaking of the earth. Weary and full of pain, Pluto withdrew from the other gods into

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