The Machine Stops Meaning

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The Machine has distorted almost all of the original concepts. The Machine abolished religion, saying that it is unreasonable. However, in fact that a person cannot completely abandon his nature. A person must believe in something. Therefore, the religion, or worship of the Machine, comes back to people’s life again. And this religion is not about faith, it is about fear. It turned out to be the same fear that the Machine was not able to overcome. People need to believe that there is someone who can protect them. Also, the Machine has become their universal assistant taking care of their daily affairs. People were completely dependent on the Machine. And the Machine came to have too much power and very little supervision. People did not realize it and began to worship it. Therefore, when the machine is out of order, it cannot recover by its own. Because of its dominance above all else, people could only worship it, but not work with it. So, when human began to worship the Machine, it is destined to be the end of humanity. Forster shows how the worship of the Machine is unnatural. Therefore, when people raised their dependence and…show more content…
This phrase, “The Machine Stops,” is in the title, and have a good reason for it. The title is corresponding with the ending and is the major point of the story. This means the Machine stops the development of humankind. However, when Kuno talks about the death of the Machine, he uses the expression "the Machine is stopping" (Forster 18). In other words, when the Machine is still operating, it alienates human from their nature. So when human has caused the breakdown of the Machine, the degradation of the human stopped. And there is nothing that can prevent the development of the mankind anymore. Therefore, this ending can also be considered as a new start and hope. Before the mother and the son die, they saw a small piece of the sky, which reflects that even they were in such plight, they see the hope from
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