The Machinery in Dracula

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The machinery in Dracula becomes important to the plot as a whole, but also important to Victorian society too. For the sake of the Empire, factories were increasing the size of Britain’s economy and cities were growing, the military was gaining strength, Britain was at the forefront of modern technology during the time. In fact, the way technology is described and used in the novel, it can be viewed as a subliminal compliment from Stoker about the lengths in which society has developed in that regard. Most effectively the Crew of Light gets to utilize technology whereas Dracula is painfully unaware of the advancements of recent sciences. “Well, you know what we have to contend against; but we, too, are not without strength…we have the resources of science” (Stoker 282). The utilization of modern technology and Bram Stoker’s constant reference to trains paints a vivid image of two things. One, science has improved and is praiseworthy, and two, that Victorian society finds itself superior partially because of the technology it possesses. The author was a very inquisitive person consequentially the main characters all seem to share a fascination with modern machinery. As the economy developed under Queen Victoria’s rule, trade ships ended up becoming navies, and towns became thriving cities. Even in communication with each other they used a phonograph, a recording device. This expanse of growth due to modern technology kept England ahead of other countries, and so society
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