The Main Reasons Why Wars Start

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War has always been a part of humanity ever since the dawn of modern humans. Wars have started for various different reasons such as territorial disputes, showcase of power, or a struggle between powers. There are many causes of wars from the different levels of analysis examining the roots of the four levels such as individual, state, interstate, and global level. The main reasons why wars start are problems and conflicts in the state level of analysis. Problems within the state eventually create wars. Different aspects of international affairs that may be stressed in interpreting and explaining global phenomena define levels of analysis in terms of International Relationships. The first level of analysis is the individual level. The individual level of analysis reflects the perceptions, choices, and actions of individuals, especially those who are in charge of foreign policy making. The individual level analysis focuses on both liberal and realist assumption of human nature. The liberal assumption of human nature saw humans as inherently good and seek cooperation and to avoid conflict. The internal characteristics of states matters and cooperation between other states are sought after. One such example of and individual who are engaged in the more liberal aspect of foreign policy making in terms of the individual level is President H.W. Bush, who created the Bush I Doctrine and focused on multilateralism, which is a cooperative foreign policy approach to managing shared

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