The Major Effects Of Globalization In Southern Asia

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Drew Schmitz Geog 2750 Capstone Globalization in Southern Asia Globalization throughout Southern Asia has led to many changes within the region. The opportunity to make huge economic advances is leading to modifications in both the social and environmental landscape of the region. A few effects of globalization in this region include: migration patterns are adapting to the increase of job opportunities in urban areas, trade restrictions are diminishing to promote an increase in imports and exports, countries are becoming more interconnected, environmental degradation, and human health. There has been a huge increase in the demand for labor, due to globalization, and with a large population of families living below the poverty line the opportunity for new jobs lead them to migrate to cities to find work. Farmers are starting to move from their lands into cities to find more constant, better paying jobs. Climate change is one of the main factors in the decision to migrate. “In Bangladesh, rising seas are flooding farm lands with saltwater, ruining their crops, and forcing them to migrate to cities to find work so they can support their families.” (Flooding Bangladesh). In Cambodia, there have been large increases in internal migration from rural areas to urban cities by younger generations, “Young people (aged 15-25 years) from a disproportionately large section of migrants at 30%, although they only represent 18% of the population.” (Migration in Cambodia). See Figure One.

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