The Manhattan Project: Aperture Science

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In reference to a popular video game called Portal, imagine being recruited for a company called Aperture Science where you will be creating amazing inventions including creating artificial intelligence to manage you daily activities. One day while working on an invention, neurotoxin fills your laboratory. The artificial intelligence has killed you and other scientists. Those that may have survived were experimented upon, and since this A.I. has no value for human life, this leads to the death of your peers. This idea of scientists inventing technology that can go beyond human limits and having uncontrollable outcome has fascinated fiction writers for years. In the example above has an outcome that was unpredictable. No one could have predicted that the invention, which was designed to manage daily task, would develop a god complex. A …show more content…

Manhattan represents the uncountable power that human scientist create and the neglect the outcome of their invention. A real world example of this is the project that shook the world, the Manhattan Project. This project was responsibly for producing uranium-bearing ores and materials and processing them into forms suitable for use as source material for the Projects uranium-enrichment factories and plutonium-producing reactors (Reed). Now, “over one-third of the energy produced in most nuclear power plants comes from plutonium” (Plutonium). Famously the Manhattan Project led to the atomic bomb being dropped during World War Two, which ended the war. Similarly with the Doctor Manhattan the American belive with his powers he could end war, "now we have a man to end wars" and "I belive that we have a man to end worlds" (Moore 141-142). Moore social comment by having the real Manhattan project line with his character of Dr. Manhattan shows that science can create technology that has double edge sword. The create these massive powers that can be used for the greater good but can also lead to the ultimate destruction of our

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