The Market For Beer Of The United States

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The market for beer in the United States during 2005 was booming; the states were the largest beer-consuming market globally. This market is predominantly made up of the younger generation, or those between 21 and 27-years-old. This age is also known as the “first-time drinker demographic”. Among this demographic, the most popular choice for beer are the lighter of beers. Light beer accounted for 50.4% of beer sales in the US in the year 2005, while in 2001, this percentage was as low as 29.8%, so it is evident that the newer generation of beer consumers strongly favor light beers. Chris Prangel, manager of marketing operations for Mountain Man Brewing Company (MMBC), a family-owned company for which he would become the owner when his father, Oscar Prangel, retired, had become aware of the recent rise in light beer purchasing and desired to produce a light beer at MMBC. His family’s company was a smaller, regional beer producer that catered to the baby boomer generation with their singular product, Mountain Man Lager; it’s known for its slightly higher level of alcohol, bitterness, and smoothness. As stated in the case, “Mountain Man was as recognizable a brand among working-class males in the East Central region as Chevrolet and John Deere.” Chris knew that some change needed to be made to entice consumers because since the first time in MMBC’s history, sales were declining. In order to expand their sales, Chris pitched the idea of appealing to a new demographic and…
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