The Marketing Of Pepsi And Its Effect On The New And Young Individual

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It’s the year 1893, Caleb Bradham a pharmacist by trade, was busy in his drugstore working on the perfect soft drink (Harding). His vision was to make a drink that would quench a person’s thirst on hot summer afternoons and desolate winter mornings. A drink that would bring people to congregate at his drugstore and increase business sales. So with excited enthusiasm he tinkered for weeks even though it seemed like years, with every two failures he would make one success. Finally, he tasted what then was known as “Brad’s Drink” and let out an exclamation that he had made it, a soft drink that made the taste buds ring with excitement (Prince). The history of “Pepsi” and its myriad use of advertisements to influence the new and young individual to purchase their product is over a century old, their battle with Coke for Cola supremacy was the primary reason for innovative advertising. Marketed as more than a soft drink but a digestive aid and energy drink with the slogan “delicious and healthful,” sales from Brad’s Drink,” which would later become Pepsi Cola were positive (Harding). Bradham moved the business to a New Bern, NC warehouse in 1903 spurred by the bustling sales at his drugstore. In 1905 Pepsi Cola establishes its first bottling franchises in Durham and Charlotte, NC. The Charlotte branch owned by Henry Fowler puts the first motorized Pepsi-Cola truck on the highway with the slogan “delicious and healthful,’ painted on the side, people considered him crazy because

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