The Massive Heroin Epidemic Of Donald Trump

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From the start of Donald Trump 's campaign, way before he descended from his escalator in his Trump building, to give his announcement speech. Donald trump promised that he was going to build a wall along the vast U.S border. Now that he has been elected, he is pursuing his promise at building a wall with his recent executive order that calls for major change along the border. Donald Trump wants to build a wall in hopes to reduce the amount of immigration and drugs coming into our country. Most of what donald trump says is absurdly out of proportion, but does he have a case to build a massive wall? Every year millions of people come to our country in search of money and free handouts from the government, most by any nations. As well was …show more content…

Labor costs have declined for other americans looking for work, Due to the employers who are able to hire them for wages lower than they would have to pay to hire U.S. workers. And with jobs being a scarce commodity nowadays finding a hard good paying job is hard. employment of an illegal alien is illegal under a law enacted in 1986, but employers still ignore the law and hire illegal workers in the underground economy. Still other employees just fake documents so they can hire illegals under the table for the cheap labor costs.
Drugs continue to pour into the united states despite all of the efforts from the Drug Enforcement Administration, border patrol, Of course a wall won 't prevent every drug to stop pouring into our country. But it will most definitely make it harder on drug dealers. Most of all the deadly drugs that come into the United States across the vast 2,000 mile long land border between the US and Mexico. Mexican drug cartels make an estimated $19-$29 billion a year on drug sales in the United States. So they will do anything they have to do to make smuggling drugs past the border possible. And when they enter the border they don 't just bring drugs with them. The confrontations with the drug cartels has took too many lives, due to the confrontations with the drug cartels involving territory with other dealers as well as the attempts to

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