The Maze Runner by James Dashner

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Great sun flares, killing much of the population of earth, brought great destruction. These flares, combined with a cureless disease become known as the Flare in this futuristic science-fiction novel, killed many people and leave the rest in an animal-like state, forgetting all basic human behavior. Because of these flares, a group of scientists have formed together into WICKED (World in Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department.) This group would do anything to find the cure to the Flare, even if it requires great sacrifice. They ultimately decided to pull children from this horrible place the world had come to. These children had high intelligence and great physical ability. They were ultimately be put to the test to discover who would be intelligent to find the cure to the Flare. After they were taken from their home, they were forced to attend a special school that taught them the skills they needed to survive the Maze. Once they were ready, all of their memories, except their survival skills, were swiped. They then were sent in a metal elevator to the Glade – a large space surrounded by a great maze - first in one, large group; after that, they were sent one at a time, once a month. The Gladers were given basics, such as clothes, materials to make food, etc. However, they were expected to grow and make the food, build what needed building, and so on. They did as they were expected and thrived on order and justice for 2 years. This order would soon be drastically

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