The Meat Industry Is Negatively Affecting America 's Health And Well Being

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I am really concerned about our eating habits in America, and I am beginning to wonder if the meat industry is negatively affecting America 's health and well-being. During this course I have efficiently held that the meat industry is in high demand, because we have dramatically increased the amount of meat consumed over the last twenty years. My understanding of this topic is that animals such as cows and chickens are being mistreated; this due to them living in small compartments, and in unhealthy conditions. I also think that a lot of bacteria is being created out of the unsanitary conditions in which these animals are kept, This bacteria ends up in our food and is harmful to us. A reason why this topic became very appealing to me is because I grew up in a small town in Mexico. My family’s eating habits were very different from the ones here in the United States. We raised our own cattle and chickens and I now believe that we did so in a healthy environment for animals. We would also cultivate our own vegetables and fruits. I remember the meat having a different taste. The cattle and chickens were not as big as they are here, they didn’t grow as fast, and they surely didn’t reproduce as quickly as they do in farms here.
In the 16 years that I lived in Mexico I never heard about people dying from eating a simple meal that contained meat. As I was growing up I remember seeing animals getting sick from unknown conditions. Logically we would separate the sick ones from
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