The Medal Of Honor And Honor

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In 1962 during the American Civil War the Nation’s highest decoration in combat was established. The Medal of Honor is presented to those who go above and beyond the Call of Duty. These Soldiers did not just display Valor but also what we call now Army Values. They were Loyal to their country, set on their Duty obligation, Selflessly put our country ahead of themselves. They kept moving forward against the enemy, never retreated showing the importance of Integrity for their country, with Courage and Honor. Every part of the Medal of Honor symbolizes everything the Soldier did to receive that decoration.
A Soldier in 1904 helped redesign the original Medal of Honor. It is described as a five pointed star. The Medal of Honor consist of thirteen stars which signify the thirteen colonies, Minerva symbolizes the Roman Goddess of wisdom and war. The oak leaves stood for strength and the laurel leaves victory. The words “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” surround Minerva’s head and “Valor” surmounted by an eagle. On the reverse it is engraved with the word “THE CONGRESS TO” followed by the name of the recipient. This redesign was presented by a Soldier that not only received a Medal of Honor for his duty during the American Civil War nearby Bethesda Church, VA in 31 May 1864, but was also one of only sixteen Soldiers that belong to the “Corps of Engineers” who have received the Medal of Honor.
Since the Medal of Honor was signed and established by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, 153

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