The Media Of The Playstation Network Hack

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Who has already been exposed

Over 77 million customers have been involved in the PlayStation Network hack in 2014 and its one of the largest attacks for a major cooperation. This resulted in the loss of millions of future customers, Sony said one of its highest priorities is to rebuild public confidence. Much of the online community directed much of their frustration towards the hackers, while Sony’s first suspect was the highly acclaimed hacker collective known as “Anonymous”, Trend Micro’s Security Consultant, Rik Ferguson believes the breech was done by a more sophisticated criminal organization. Rik goes on to say “"This has all the hallmarks of commercial criminal activity going for a saleable commodity” (Stuart, 2011). Dave …show more content…

This attack may be linked to the same organization that had breached retailer Target’s registers and 70 million customers earlier in 2014. Home depot announced they will now start encrypting all customer data and records on its registers and computes inside the store. (Elgin Ben, 2014)
Over 4.5 million Hospital records containing names, addresses, social security, and speculation of medical records have been stolen over the course of two months going unnoticed. Investigators say the course of the attack came from an IP address based in china. Other stolen data also included user names, passwords, and email accounts. However embassy spokesman, Geng Shuang ensures that the Chinese government enforces very strict policies and laws regarding any type of cyber-crime.
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Somebody is installing new smoke alarms, carbon dioxide detectors, or maybe even a new wireless access point. They aren’t wearing a company logo and is making their way around the office. The company laptop that gets brought home is being connecting to the Office Wi-Fi. Except this time it 's connecting to a device called Pineapple running Linux is nested inside the Carbon Dioxide Detector, capturing every keystroke, every password, bank account number, worst yet is its attached itself to the office network and posing as the company Wi-Fi. These tiny devices can be hardwired or on a single battery charge can capture data for 30

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