The Medical Microbiology Is An Aspect Of Microbiology Sciences

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Medical microbiology is an aspect of microbiology sciences. Microbiological systems play a vital role in people’s everyday life. Specifically, bacteria maintain processes within and on the body. Bacteria can also cause disease from an infection of the opportunistic bacteria living symbiotically with people or foreign bacteria introduced from various plausible sources.

The identification of the unknown bacteria was accomplished by an independent study of numerous biochemical tests. The tests gave physiological information about the morphology, type of respiration, energy sources, and metabolic processes. The test results indicated the bacteria was Escherichia coli.

Materials & Methods
Unknown microorganism (#33) was obtained from the Microbiology and Immunology Laboratory of Montana State University in Bozeman. The microorganism was studied by metabolic processes with standardized tests. The results were observed and analyzed for identification from the array of possible bacteria.
Nutrient, MacConkey, & Blood Agar
The bacterium was cultured on three media plates: nutrient agar, MacConkey agar, and blood agar. On nutrient agar, the colonies were used to inoculate other tests. The nutrient agar is to sustain growth with an isotonic and neutral environment containing the basic nutrients of peptone, vitamins, carbohydrates, nitrogen, and distilled water. The MacConkey agar was a selective media used to inhibit growth of gram-positive bacteria with bile salts and…

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