The Memory System

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The Memory System Memory is a very important aspect in a person’s life. It enables that individual to store information about various things that they can recall upon at a later time when that information is needed. The applications of your memory are boundless and are used every day whether we realize it or not for example taking test, fixing something around the house, playing a sport, etc. We are able to do this by associating that memory with a certain sounds, images, or colors that are familiar to us so it is easily recalled upon. In the following paragraphs I will explain how to trace the memory system from stimuli into long-term memory, explain proactive and retroactive interference, and other kinds of forgetting. The first …show more content…

“In short-term memory, fading can occur very rapidly - in some cases after just a few seconds. When information fades from working memory, it disappears because the short-term space was needed for other incoming information. We can prevent this type of fading by continuing to focus attention on the information, by constantly rehearsing it, or by transferring it to long-term memory. Distortion refers to the misrepresentation of information that occurs when an imperfect image is recalled from long-term memory. It is not really a separate type of forgetting, but rather a combination of the previous three types” (Myers, 2006). In conclusion our memories are our gateway to all the knowledge that we have gained through life. Our memory helps us from repeating costly mistakes and directs us to make informed choices based on past experiences.

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