The Metaphysical Point Behind The Opening Question

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The metaphysical point behind the opening question is to show that there is another thing that exists called the Equal. The best evidence to this is found in the line, “I do not mean a stick equal to a stick or a stone to a stone, or anything of that kind, but something else beyond all these, the Equal itself,” (74a5-74a8). Plato makes it clear he is not talking about a stick being equal to a stick. Rather, if two objects are equal, than the “Equal” must exist and be a thing. The Equal is the equivalent to the Universal because the Universal is something that repeats and is not able to be proven by any known sciences. Thus, being the metaphysical point. Simmias is agreeing with this question and idea of an “Equal” or the Universal. The statement Simmias says “Indeed we shall, by Zeus,” (74a4) shows that Simmias has a very strong belief towards the idea of the Universal.
The Missing Line is telling Simmias to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the idea of the existence of the Universal. He asks whether or not the Universal is different than a normal object. A normal object that is detectable by your senses is also known as the Particular. Therefore, Simmias is asking whether or not that Universal is different than the Particular. The question being asked towards Simmias, “Or doesn’t it seem to you to be different?” (74b5) makes it sound like Plato is making a fairly obvious point and argument.
The ‘it’ in the line is talking about the Universal. In Plato’s passage, the ‘it’ is
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