The Methods Used Were Largely Effective

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The methods used were largely effective. Quantitative data and use of statistics tend to be reliable and have the advantage of being able to generalise in this case the student population. This is recognisable when the research concludes from it’s findings that “statistically significant was respondents’ educational background as measured by their A-level grades, with those students achieving grades ABB or above being less likely to be a perpetrator than students who achieved BBB or below”, (Selwyn, 2008, p.7). Here it is apparent the researcher is indicating that educational background is a critical factor in determining whether a student becomes a perpetrator of crime. Therefore the generalisation of well-educated students committing less crime is forwarded. Alongside this by methods involving unknown participants would enhance the reliability of the findings and potentially reduce any personal biases. Though it was admitted that in the sample many students were just following norms and beliefs when it came to minor offending. Moreover the qualitative data suggested various students were less worried by offending whilst at university due to the unreality and responsibilities. One method used was an open ended questionnaire. This was a respectable transformation of method as it involved more student participation. Findings revealed some respondents involvement in criminal behaviour was due to the idea of living up to the stereotype of being an irresponsible student. An

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