The Methods and Techniques of Judge Dee from Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee

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Judge Dee is a magistrate for the Chinese Province of Ching-Ping and he used many methods and techniques to solve his cases. He also had significant influence on the society. Judge Dee mainly utilized two methods to solve his cases, and they were using disguises and torture. He first used disguises in the case “The Double Murder at Dawn” to try to find any suspicious man or women that might look like he or she has been in a conflict instead; he finds the beginnings of the second case “The Strange Corpse.” This is always a simple way to get information because if he appeared as a magistrate, people will be unwilling to dispense the information needed. So if he dresses up like a doctor like he did at the beginning, people would be willing to…show more content…
Judge Dee was considered the “Father and Mother Official.” Magistrates function as a judge, jury, prosecutor, and detective. He was the highest power in his district and was in charge of many things. He was in charge of the town, land administration, the tribunal, the bureau for the collection of taxes, the register office, and the public order in the district. Magistrates had to have great moral strength, intellectual power, and refined literati also trained on Chinese letter and arts. Without any of these skills, the magistrate would have failed his job. He would have barely gained any support since these skills were signs of a good leader. The Magistrates were almost miniature monarchs of their own lands. Even though whatever they say is not law, they are able to convict and torture people until they listen. Judge Dee took everything under his control form the detective work to sentences. He used lieutenants and constables to help out, but most work was done single-handedly. No one else I the district has more power than him. A few magistrates in the book even had their own private army for example; the magistrate in Turnip Pass had a garrison to protect the area from criminals. Magistrates are supposed to be truth-seeking men. Judge Dee is obviously truth seeking because he tries to see why the husband died in “The Strange Corpse” even though no one filed a complaint, he did this for righteousness, which is looked for in
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