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The Mexican-American War. The Mexican-American war was a process of years of battles between the Mexicans and Americans but I think after this informational paper, you’ll seem to know a little bit more knowledge about it. How it all started, well in the beginning, the Americans and Mexicans both wanted to control Texas, but at the time it was a part of the Mexican territory, well soon enough Americans wanted control over it so badly that they started to travel into Texas’s land. Part of the reason why Americans wanted it so badly was because it was a big land and had lots of resources and just did not want the Mexicans to have any control over it. (“Social Studies for kids” The Mexican American war) As more Americans moved to the land,…show more content…
At first angry words were swapped, but Mexico soon got tired of words and wanted action to happen. The first major action was at the Alamo, a San Antonio area fort, there were a total of 189 defenders, and the fort was well-ordered by Mexico. In the same year Mexican general Santa Anna ordered the massacre of 342 American prisoners. Americans obviously didn’t like that and reacted by fighting back, the result of Americans fighting back was the battle of San Jacinto in which hundreds of Americans defeated a much larger Mexican force. Half of the Mexican soldiers were killed and most were taken as prisoners. (“Social Studies for kids” The Mexican American war) In 1844, the U.S. took over Texas, making it apart of the American land. Two years later, war began. The first major battle of the Mexican American war took place at Palo Alto, not far from the US/Mexico border in Texas, by May of 1846, lots of things had happened that had soon enough broke out into war. Mexican general Mariano arista, positioned blockade to fort Texas, knowing that American general Zachary Taylor would have to come and break the blockade, arista then laid a trap, picking the time and place the battle would take place. (The Mexican American war, article) Basically neither side could claim victory, then soon after followed the battle of Monterrey, American forces under General Zachary Taylor seized the Mexican city. The California city of Monterey surrendered to
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