My Locker In Middle School

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A new responsibility that is new is lockers so everyday I have to try really hard to open my locker get my stuff out of it,new and close it also get to class on time. This is my new responsibility here at the Middle School here in Greenbrier.

Some of the challenges I faced during that time was trying to get it open without any problems doing it, so when I get to my locker I just think you can do this then take a deep breath, and then I open it. Another challenge was trying to get it open as quick as I can so I can get to class on time every morning. I dealt with the difficulties by not worrying about anything, and just open the locker. Also by getting my stuff that I need for the classes, and bring the stuff with me to class. Now this time of year I have no problems opening my locker, and no problem having to hurry, because now I am so good at opening my locker that I just do it,and it opens right up. …show more content…

Finally that is the story of one new responsibility that I have faced this year in the Middle School here in

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