The Migrant And Refugee Crisis

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Mike Carper
Mrs. Bardine
English 12
6 October 2015
European Refugee Crisis The ongoing migrant and refugee crisis in Europe has recently grown to new heights and is the biggest, most deadly one in the world. Migrants and refugees from the Middle East have been finding risky, unorthodox ways to flee from their different countries to seek shelter in a new safer country in the European Union for many years now. This crisis has only recently drawn the media’s attention because of its rapid increase in size and fatality. Many innocent people are dying, getting injured, or being sent back home on their breakout from their dangerous home countries, and the responsibility of finding a new home for these people lies on the European Union. As one …show more content…

Those three countries alone make up over 60% of the total migrant traffic. Migrants find multiple ways of making the trek to their desired countries. So far this year, over 470,000 refugees and migrants have crossed the Mediterranean Sea (Taub). Taub claims that they have also been traveling on land, by piling onto trucks, hitchhiking, or even walking. Germany and Italy have seen the greatest numbers coming in, but many other wealthy European countries have had issues with huge numbers of migrants trying to cross their borders as well.
People don’t usually pile onto boats and trucks, illegally crossing borders and risking their lives just to find a nicer place to live. So what are the terrible things happening to cause so many people to flee their home countries and take such desperate measures to do so? In the article “Things to Know About Europe 's Migrant Crisis at Land and Sea,” Michael Martinez of CNN points out that “The reasons for the mass movement are as varied as the nationalities of the people involved.” Most of the migrants are fleeing war, persecution, and terrible economic states (Martinez). Taub provides an even more specific answer to the “why” question regarding this crisis. Over four million people have fled Syria in the last four years because of their ongoing civil war. Taub observes the current Syrian civil war situation with a detailed description:
Bashar al-Assad 's regime has targeted civilians ruthlessly,

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