The Military : The Role Of Women In The Military

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The role of women in military combat positions has been a long-debated issue. And with more countries like the U. S. allowing women to serve in combat positions; it has made the role of women in the military, a very controversial issue. With many people feeling that women should not be allowed to serve in military combat forces because they lack the physical abilities that men have. But in reality, women have long played an important role in the military and have even had to face enemy fire when they are on military planes and ships. In addition, the increased preparation and training of military personnel has made it easier to see which women are prepared for combat roles. All military combat positions should be open to women because they have shown regardless of people’s strong oppositions; they are willing to serve their country. Many people argue that women would have a negative effect on men because they could affect the unity or even cause a distraction during combat. They feel that led to many men not wanting women to serve in combat with them. But in reality, many men support the integration of women in combat forces. According to a poll conducted by an internet site, Pew Research Site, where they asked 1,005 adults about whether women should be able to serve in combat roles in the military, over 65% of men support the integration of women, that is virtually identical to the amount of women who support integration at 66%. Most men have no issue with women
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