Victory In The Millers Tale

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The Miller’s Victory Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales was originally a frame story including thirty people, later to become thirty-one. Does filthy reading make a great tale? A morally sound story is one that is clean, has an easily discovered moral and a moral that teaches a good lesson. The Miller’s Tale is quite a tale to tell, this tale does lack of being morally sound, it is entertaining and it fits The Host’s personality. This tale does lack of being morally sound. First off the Miller and his wife, Alison, are very much different in age, the young and the elderly do not mix well. The Miller keeps her on a tight leash, because of how young and beautiful she is. He is afraid that she will cheat on him. In fact she …show more content…

Absolon says he is not leaving till he gets a kiss from Alison. She agrees, but instead of him kissing her lips he kisses her butt. Alison does it as a joke. Nicholas and Alison thought it was hilarious. Absolon was rather upset, for he was made a fool of, and decides he is going to brand her with a poker. Nicholas wants in on the joke too, so he decides to put his butt out for Absolon to kiss and instead he gets the hot poker on the butt. “Speak, pretty bird, I know not where thou art!” (Page 105, said by Absolon). He screams for water. John wakes up thinking the flood is here and cuts his rope. He comes crashing to the floor, making am extremely loud sound waking everyone up. The Host’s fun and dirty personality is demonstrated in The Miller’s Tale. His reaction, like all pilgrims on the voyage, was amusement. It says, “When all had laughed at the preposterous lark” (Page 106), meaning The Pilgrims and The Host, who obviously found the drunken Miller’s story a favorite among the group. The Host was a big muscular fellow who loved to joke around. The Miller’s Tale was not a very morally sound story that was overlooked by his own not morally sound mind. All had laughed at the story but The Reeve, who was a carpenter by trade. The Host had no care for The Reeve’s upset towards The Miller’s Tale other than his own amusement towards the behavior of its characters. The Host would definitely pick The Miller’s Tale because of it’s lack

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