The Mind Of A Gambler 's Mind

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Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a gambler’s mind? What cunning techniques, slick secrets, and daring ideas run through the mind of a man who survives by turning the odds in his favor. It is one thing to be lucky, but to consistently beat an entire business at its own game is truly an amazing and bewildering thing.

The first step to beating the system is learning the rules. This is only common sense, one must know the rules in order to find ways around them. A gambler may spend weeks memorizing each rule, both written and unwritten, before he even considers going into a casino. After this, he may spend several more months learning how to beat these rules and perfecting the tricks.

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After a few days, the gambler will select a new place to try his so-called “luck” at a new target. This time, however, he will be different. He will be more sure of himself, possibly a little more cocky, more polished with every bit of experience he gains. To a person who doesn’t know what to look for, this could be taken as a positive change. That would be a false accusation. In all reality, this makes the gambler easier to mark as a professional, meaning he will be watched more carefully. At the first sign of counting cards or anything of the sort, he could be asked to leave. This makes his confidence his greatest weakness, because confidence leads to arrogance, arrogance to carelessness, and carelessness to mistakes. The process was very well described by gambler Hunter S. Thompson when he said “Gambling can turn into a dangerous two-way street. When you least expect it, weird things happen, and your life can go all to pieces.”

Now that you have a bit of knowledge on the subject, let’s look at some examples from, a website that has a large compilation of quotes from all kinds of gamblers. First, we have one man who retained his mental state and did not become a victim of gambling. “No presidential candidate should visit Las Vegas without condemning organized gambling” (Ralph Nader). However, others, such as Hunter S. Thompson, let it consume them completely. Thompson proved this when he said “Without gambling, I would not exist.”

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