The Mining Industry Of The United States Essay

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The mining industry in the United States has a long history beginning in the 1600s when iron ore was mined in Jamestown and sent overseas to England (Bolles, 1879). Often in this century it is easy to forget where the energy one is utilizing came from or where the metal which makes items people use every single day come from. Unfortunately, with obtaining necessary metals and coal comes the risk of accidents and the different ethics involved in the industry in order to keep not only workers safe but keep the environment safe as well. The mining industry in the United States was one of the first major industries. In the 1600s-iron ore was mined in Jamestown this iron ore was then sent overseas to England (Bolles, 1879). From Jamestown, the mining industry spread to places such as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, near Lake Superior, California and Nevada (Bolles, 1879). Today, the mining industry provides thousands of jobs and greatly contributes to each state in the United States gross domestic product or GDP. In Texas alone, the mining industry provides over 122,000 jobs and contributes millions of dollars to the states GDP with coal mining providing the highest amount of jobs followed by metal and non-metal mining (NMA, 2016). Texas produces an astonishing 30% of its electricity with coal that is mined from the state (NMA, 2016). The mining industry is not limited however to providing jobs and energy to the United States, it also helps the security of the nation.
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