The Mission Of Siena Heights University

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The mission of Siena Heights University, a Catholic University founded and sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters, is to assist people to become more competent, purposeful, and ethical through a teaching and learning environment which respects the dignity of all (Mission and vision, n.d.).
The concepts of leadership, “to assist people to become more competent, purposeful, and ethical,” (Mission and vision, n.d.), fit within the mission of Siena Heights University because the institution fosters the growth of leaders by incorporating skills outside of the classroom. Educators have long known that a significant portion of student learning in college occurs outside the classroom and that faculty-student interaction is an important part of the college experience. (Cox, B. E., & Orehovec, E., 2007, p. 357). Significant research has demonstrated the importance of interaction between faculty members and students, both in and outside of the classroom (Cox, B. E., & Orehovec, E., 2007, p. 343). Faculty members possess a great deal of knowledge that can be imparted to student. This knowledge could be educational, life skills, and personal experiences that allow the student a contextual view point.
Faculty Mentors
For those charged with developing leaders, identifying potential leaders who possess the building blocks of character, creativity, and compassion, and those who also have a clear sense of purpose and the energy to pursue that purpose is key (Allio, R. J., 2005, p.

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