The Mistakes That Managers May Do That Negatively Affect Employees ' Ethical Decisions

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Eight Mistakes that Managers May Do That Negatively Affect Employees’ Ethical Decisions in the Workplace Perhaps you are interested in opening up your own accounting firm while having some employees to ease the burden for your business. Unless you are a sole proprietorship, if you obtain a management position, then you will have to manage employees. Employees are fundamental in representing the organization as well as performing services for the organization. However, the more employees you may have to manage, the more employees may potentially act unethically. Here are eight mistakes that managers may do that negatively affect employees’ behavior in the workplace. 1. Not acting ethically yourself. Behavior in the workplace flows down from …show more content…

Whilst management should be able to openly communicate with employees regarding the aforementioned information, employees should also be able to openly communicate with their manager and sometimes their upper-level management of their important concerns towards the organization. According to David Hassell, “a culture of open communication where employees are encouraged to share their ideas and concerns, both positive and negative, gives employees the sense that they are valued .” If employees feel that they are valued within the organization, then they would be able to discuss some topics such as ethical dilemmas with their manager. Some employees may come across ethical dilemmas while performing their duties for the organization, and the employee is not sure what to do. The employee should be able to talk and discuss with his or her manager in regards to his or her situation. The employee and the manager may have opposing views and solutions regarding his or her situation, and they may enter into a discussion regarding the topic. If the employee has a strong resolve that he or she is correct and does not agree with his or her supervisor’s point of view, then the employee should be able to then discuss with the manager’s manager and so forth. 4. Setting up unreasonable deadlines for assignments. Production is key when it comes to

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