The Most Common Ethical Decisions In The Workplace

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A relativist would agree with how the situation was handled. The owner did not say who was wrong or right. His solution was to simply extend an offer to continue working for him with the option of transferring to another store he owned with no consequences given to the manager. There did not seem to be interested in the concept of right or wrong and was more concerned with being impartial and show respect for both of our points of views. He just wanted to forget the situation and move forward. This response bothered me at the time, but now I have a better understanding of the philosophy that was controlling the thought process of this situation. I am not in agreement with the logic that coincides with relativism, but the neutrality is comforting because the thought process does not look where to cast blame but instead it searches for a solution. Common Ethical Decisions in the Workplace …show more content…

A more common ethical dilemma that is in the workplace would be using company equipment and resources for personal use instead of intended business purposes. The most common example is Wi-Fi being used on a personal cell phone. The internet connection is for company use and often employees will access the internet to get on social media sites, play games, or other activities that are not work-related. After many job experiences, I decided that a great idea to prevent myself from doing this I will keep my cell phone in my purse or car and make sure that my family has my work number in case of

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