The Modal Model And The ACT-R Model

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ntroduction to Cognitive science assignment 7 1.Are the Modal Model and the ACT-R model compatible? Why or why not? What is shared and unique between the two theories? I think the modal model and the ACT-R model can be easily compatible given some small adaptations and additional knowledge. Both of them basically use a similar structure of memory but the ACT-R model is more specific with how these structures interact with each other where as the modal model (developed a few years earlier) just outlines the basic framework of the memory structure. The most important unique aspect of the ACT-R model lies in the distinction between implicit and explicit memories or put in other words; there is no connection between the production and the declarative memory. 2. Describe the different perspectives that Kosslyn and Pylyshyn have about what is visual imagery. What, in your opinion, is the strongest argument for each side? Which position do you find more compelling? To describe Kosslyn´s perspective it seem appropriate to use the term pictorialist introduced by Ned Block (1981). This term defines one group of people that assumes that we humans create picture-like representations in our minds. On the other hand, although Pylyshyn did not …show more content…

Write a brief summary of the Lee et al. article. What were the main concepts? What evidence did they provide? How does this perspective fit with the models of memory from the chapter? Like the title of the article already reveals, one of the main concepts discussed in it is memory reconsolidation updating. Other important alternative concepts were things like state-depend inhibition of memory or unleashed extinction. Although a lot of studies have been conducted which are providing good evidence for memory reconsolidation updating, it is still difficult to get reliable results because the markers used to measure level of memory destabilisation and degree to which the memory is altered/updated are simply not sufficient enough

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